My First Ever WordCamp Birmingham

I’m Gonna Be One Bloggin’ Dynamo I thought I was going to miss WordCamp Birmingham.  Willesha Morris put out a call for panelis [...]

Where Does Inspiration Come From?

What’s Your Source of Inspiration? The source of inspiration is not limited to feel good origins.  The funny thing about inspiration [...]

Precious Pearls of Promise

Precious Pearls of Promise On Sunday, August 3, 2014, I had the pleasure of attending the End of Summer Event for Precious Pearls of Promis [...]

Is It Time For A Change?

Is It Time For A Change? by Guest Writer Dr. Veronica Harrington Many of us run for cover whenever the thought of change enters our mind. We [...]

Sharing Your Gift – As Is

Share Your Gift – As Is by Guest Writer Aimee Lanier This morning my Pastor discussed the importance of using our gifts to reach peopl [...]

Hey You! S.T.R.A.P.

Stop Throwing Rocks at the Penitentiary (S.T.R.A.P.) How does a homeless man create a foundation that serves as an incubator for the talen [...]

RRR Special – Man on the Move: Ferlando Parker

Ferlando Parker, Just bought a flat screen television and don’t know how to hang it? If you live in the Metro Birmingham, [...]

Advancing in Years

Advancing in Years by Guest Writer Sharon Williams I tend to be one of those people who will sit quietly taking note of my surroundings, and [...]

The Source of My Strength

Recognizing the Source of My Strength One of my co-workers is always saying that I have so much energy.  I don’t always recognize tha [...]

Freedom Through Forgiveness

Forgiveness: The True Price of Freedom by Guest Writer:  Dr. Veronica Harrington I grew up in a single parent household just like many othe [...]

Renew Refresh Reset: It’s How I Live

Renew Refresh Reset Is Not Just a Blog After I had thanked the Lord for waking me up this morning, I reflected on how thankful I was for ano [...]

Our Guest Writers

S.W. Cannon S.W. Cannon was raised and still lives in Birmingham, Alabama.  She has had a love of writing for years and getting her feet we [...]

Love Grows and Music Captures Those Moments

Love, Music, Moments by Guest Writer Michelle Spratt-Lockett I recently decided to renew my wedding vows to my husband on the beautiful beac [...]

Re-learning How To Be Me

How to Be Me by Guest Writer Aimee Lanier People often fall into the trap of letting a job, relationship or title define them. Worse yet, s [...]

Financial Wellness Is Not Happenstance

Creating Financial Flow by Guest Writer Jacqueline Whitehead As long as you’re living, life is going to happen.  People often use the phr [...]
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