Your Voice

Whose Voice Is It Anyway?

Your voice.  Your Voice.  I’m not talking about the sound that comes out of your mouth.  But rather, I’m talking about the words that come out of your mouth.  Are the words that you speak and the thoughts that you think, are they uniquely yours?  Have your surroundings affected you so much that your “voice” is not uniquely yours but rather it mimicks or has been engulfed by your environment?  Have your surroundings eaten and swollowed you whole?

The Gentrification of Our Voices

Our voices can have a way of gentrifying.  I mean that it’s possible and in some cases it’s a reality that our  independence of thought has experienced an exodus.  We have somehow evolved into a world of ideological cliques like never before for which there is seemingly no escape.  Being fully aware of  the inability to process your own thoughts and yet not being able to control the inner parakeet.

Political cliques have proven to be the ultimate source of unabashed separatism.  The sounds from your mouth have been reduced to catechisms (a brainwashing of sorts).  I am under no obligation to disclose my political preference.  I am under no obligation to disclose who I voted for.  I am under no obligation to “defend” my political position nor am I obligated to despise everyone who identifies as belonging to a political party which is not my own. And I am under no obligation to be a yes (wo)man to my political party.  Why?  Because I have my own voice.

To Whom Am I Speaking?

Are your words the same words of every other person, verbatim, that is within your sphere?  Are we all regurgitating the same things in exactly the same words without realizing it?  Are our physical features and the actual “sound” of our voices the only things separating us from one another ?

Your voice.  Where is it?  Have you lost it?  Have you transitioned self-identity to clique-dentity and if you have, do you have a clue as to why?  Are you in so deep that you cannot dig yourself out of the rabbit hole?

Your voice.  If you have lost it, find it.  Start looking for it now.  We have enough carbon copies in this world.  I know you think you are uniquely you, but are you really?  Do you recognize your voice as your own?

Do you? Huh? Do you?  What are your thoughts on the subject?  Please, feel free to share.  Intelligent and respectful dialogue only please.  I crave for it.  Oh wait. Can I make that request in a conversation about “your own voice?”  Hmmm.

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