Let Freedom Ring

Once the freedom bell has rung, you simply can’t unhear its chime. We are not all activist fighting to protect our freedoms. Nonetheless, we should care about having them ripped from under us while we slumber and take them for granted.

There will always be others that view us as “less than” and there will always be others prone to the sway of believing the doctrine of “less than.”  Before you know it, an army has formed, and a rebellion uprises. Yet, we still slumber thinking we’re protected by an overwhelming show of morality, which is subjective. We rely on government to protect us, but evil resides in government as well as in every other crevice of society.

Marching in the streets is not the only form of mobilization to denounce injustice. Conversations, explanations, historical context of fights for freedom are the seeds of understanding. A lot of people do not like having such conversations. Whether it be because of naivete or brushing the conversations off as hysteria, once the realization of its worthiness sets in, it may be too little too late to recover. Can you imagine losing freedom and never regaining it?

There is still time. Let freedom continue to ring and let’s not forget what it genuinely means. 

Image by rawpixel.com on Freepik