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Comfort Zone

The Comfort Zone

The Ever Present Comfort Zone In the comments section of a blog post that I read the other day, someone mentioned that they had stepped out of their comfort zone.  Immediately a blog post started circulating in my head and this is the result. The term “comfort zone” is a situation …

Most Vocal, Visible and Valuable

Recognizing Valuable Teammates Let me clarify right away about the misconception that the title may be causing.  I am not saying that the most vocal and visible person equals the most valuable member of the team, company, or any group.  Contrarily, the quiet observer may be among any group’s most …

Ever Feel Like You Just Don’t Fit In?

Be Proud to Be Different and Not Fit In Do you ever have that feeling that you just don’t fit in anywhere?  Nothing really weird or strange about you, but you just don’t seem to fit into any particular group or God forbid “a clique.”   Well I’m here to tell you …

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