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About Renew Refresh Reset

Charita Cadenhead Creator of Renew Refresh Reset Your Life blog

In 2016, the primary focus of the blog will be to tell the stories of women that have overcome obstacles to reach their goals or otherwise find peace, happiness, joy and the like.  Overtime, our mission has evolved to capture the pivotal moments in the reset process in many aspects of life:  work, love, business, personal development, career change, and more.

It’s About Sharing

Every gain that you make in improving your quality of life is a life worth talking about.  Renew Refresh Rest Your Life wants to hear and share that story with others.  We want to write and share articles that inspire change and vision.  We are sure that your own personal story other relevant information will inspire someone else.  It could even even save a life or give hope for someone who has lost or on the verge of losing hope.  Please use or contact form if you would like to share your story with Renew Refresh Reset Your Life.

The only requirement in sharing your story is your 100% commitment to authenticity.

If you feel inspired by the Renew Refresh Reset blog, please comment, share your story, and subscribe to my Renew Refresh Reset RSS feed.  I am sure your own personal story will inspire someone else.

With much anticipation about your success,

Charita Cadenhead
Creator of Renew Refresh Reset Your Life

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