Here We Go Again

Ye Olde New Year’s Resolution

So, what are you resolving to do this year? Lose weight? Get a new job? Cut ties with folks that mean you no good? Exercise more? Need help in deciding on a resolution?  Check this out as a kickstarter.  Whatever you resolve to do beginning this first day of 2023, I am cheering you on in hopes that you’ll find infinite success as you embark upon your resolution pilgrimage.

I will be the one in the stands singing that fight song in hopes that come January 5th you haven’t given up and accepted defeat. But rather, by this time in the process, you have made a couple of boss moves, or even a single move no matter how minute. Even a small measure of gain toward your goal is better than no gain, right?

As for me, I gave up on making new year’s resolutions quite a while ago. Instead, I resolve to do things throughout the year. Do I always succeed? Of course I don’t always succeed in accomplishing what I set out to accomplish, but that doesn’t stop me from making attempts at any given time during the year. Afterall, January 1 isn’t a magical date, is it? January 1 is no more magical than beginning something on a Sunday or Monday (first of the week). The first day of the week, month or year isn’t a determining factor for hitting the mark. These notions of beginning on the first of something simply serves to put off until tomorrow what you can do today and by today, I mean any day, not just January 1.

Well, here’s and cheers to you in your quest to conquer the beast of short-lived resolutions. I’m pulling for you. But guess what, should defeat find you early in the game, I’ll still be pulling for you every time you set your sights on something, make the decision to go after it and then, most importantly, begin your hot pursuit.

As for me, if and only IF, I was to make a new year’s resolution, it would be to permit myself to enjoy uninterrupted happiness. Who would wait until just one day of the year to resolve to do that? That’s an ongoing mindset from sun-up, sundown, and everything in between.

May you find peace and joy this year and always.

Happy New Year.

Image by our-team on Freepik