Staying Focused with Marietta Seay

Staying Focused

I had the pleasure of interviewing Author Marietta Seay on Sunday, October 28, 2018 to discuss her book: Staying Focused. The book is a book of prayers that seeks to help you stay focused on a number of life’s aspects while simultaneously staying tuned to God.

In short, staying focused is all about asking God for what you stand in need of or what others stand in need of and most importantly, become accustomed to putting into practice how to maintain that focus.  Because my little brain is always all over the map, I need all of the help I can get if it will help me focus.  I found that in a matter of days, if not immediately, this little book of prayers helped me to feel like I had a grasp staying focused in a way that I had not felt for quite some time.

For people like me who sometimes have difficulty with prayer, the book is actually like an answer to prayer.   During the interview, Marietta also reminds us that prayers don’t have to be wordy.  A prayer can consist of a simply thank you, Amen.  Even if you are a prayer warrior, there may be times when you are simply stumped and at a loss for words when it comes time for praying.  Staying Focused may just be the catalyst that you need to get off the stump.  While not a concordance, the book can even serve as a companion to your bible study.  Once you get your copy, I’m almost certain you’ll want to keep it within reach.  You can get the book here.

About the Author Marietta Seay

A Birmingham native, Marietta Ross Seay is a charismatic leader, insightful speaker, and praying believer who has inspired and motivated people for over 20 years. A beacon of love and joy alongside her husband, Donald Seay, of 30+ years, Marietta has drawn from their experiences and her formal education from Tuskegee University to encourage people through life challenges. She is a licensed and ordained Elder of the gospel at Mt. Zion Church where she serves the vision of Bishop Awalski M. Moore.

Marietta’s walk with God is a vital part of her life, and so are her two sons, daughter, and daughter by marriage. She is also a grandmother (MiMi) of three. Of all of her responsibilities, she finds time to give back to the community through her service in Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Birmingham Alumnae Chapter where she serves as Chaplin. She believes that in spite of the obstacles that you may encounter, God’s will is what’s best for you. STAYING FOCUSED.