The Evolution of Resolutions

Here we are at the end of another year and what a year it has been!

Both 2020 and 2021, have been years of continued COVID-19, and numerous events that caused many of us to experience stress and anxiety.

In spite of, this year in particular was a year of innovation, restoration, accomplishment and successes. Perspective is the lens by which we all view the world.

Year in Review

At the conclusion of each year, media outlets perform a “Year in Review” – remembering those we lost as well as the major newsworthy events.  Individually, we perform our own “Year in Review” and conclude that the next year should look a bit divergent, perhaps resolving to do things differently, by discarding old habits, altering perceptions, becoming more self-aware, self-reliant, courageous, or vocal.  Usually these resolves become resolutions that within the first two months of the year became a vapor that dissipates.

I, like so many others, fell victim to the tradition of making resolutions, and just like the steam from my teakettle, one minute it’s there and in an instant, it’s gone! I am not sure which year I decided that resolutions no longer served a purpose but instead created unnecessary pressure.  Instead, the focus became achievable intentions, hence the evolution of my resolutions.  Versus creating a laundry list of fixations, I concentrated on one or two goals and set an intention that was manageable.

Year ‘round Mantra

Back in 2016, a group of fellow authors penned a book entitled 1 Word – Discover, Reflect & Connect with Words That Can Transform Your Life.  Our word selections in essence became our individual mantra or brand.  My word, “resilient” – continues to serve as a daily reminder of my intent. 

Because I resolve to improve me, occasionally my intentions endure from one year to the next.  I like to think they are the blocks upon which I can build a better me.

Importantance of Mental Health Check

There has been much light shone on mental health during 2021 and the pandemic, resulting in people coming forth with courage to state their inability to deal with life’s compressions.  Public, acknowledgment of mental un-wellness by influential personalities assisted all of us in regaining a sense of stability and realizing that we are not alone.  I admire and concur with those who place mental wellness at the top of their priority list.

This year, as with years past – I will set an intention that builds upon those previously set maintained and accomplished. 

Happy New Year!



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