How Accessible Are You?

Readily or Not Accessible

These are my own thoughts as a business person but surely they can apply to anyone (personally or professionally). 

Accessibility has been on my mind a great deal lately and I think in terms of how accessible I am and whether or not I’m too accessible.  I often tell people that I’m quick to respond if I miss a call or don’t answer an email right away.  I try to live up to that simply out of common courtesy.  With regard to a phone call, it may go unanswered at the time of the call, however, one can expect me to return a call within a matter of hours (usually minutes if possible) rather than a matter of days.

My obsession with accessibility likely stems from being a real estate agent.  Sure, you’ve heard that real estate agents are notorious for not returning phone calls and while that my be true, I’d like to think that it’s not true of me.

Middle of the Road Accessibility

Okay so you decide to take a breather every now and then from being so available.  You refrain from answering or responding to phone calls, emails, social media and the like for the sake of freeing up space in your brain. More importantly, I hope you do so unapologetically.

No problem but do you ever wonder if people feel like their being ignored?  While on break do you have an auto email announcing you’ll be unavailable for a few hours, days, weeks or whatever the case?  How about a voice mail message or auto response text.  Believe it or not, I’m just now thinking about these options as a way of curbing people’s feelings about being ignored.  Yeah I know some might say, to heck with people, I don’t owe them any explanation and no doubt you’re right.  However, what about the common courtesy of communication?  Wouldn’t it just be a nice gesture to let people know that you’ll be responding within a particular timeframe or by a particular date?  Don’t mind me.  These are really just random thoughts.  Afterall, if I occassionally don’t feel like taking a call, responding to a text or email with lightening speed, so be it.

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