This One Life We Live

This Life We Live

We get this one life to live but for many of us we get far more chances than we deserve in our attempts to get it right. Promises that we’ll do better go unfulfilled. We put off things until tomorrow (or never) what we can reasonably do today.

Time is both our friend and our enemy. Each day that we wake up, we get another chance to make good on our intentions.  Yet time serves as our enemy because we don’t possess the foresight to know just when the clock will tick its last tock.

It would behoove us all to make an ardent attempt at living our best possible lives. Be cognizant of and take great care that “your best” is defined by your own standard. You are the one that gets to chart the course.  Don’t fall prey to the comparison trap that time and again serves to obliterate our potential, stunt our growth and in some cases may depreciate one’s self-worth.

This life we’re given is evidence that our lives have purpose. Otherwise we would not exist. We are born with a purpose and if we are to pursuit our best lives, the hidden treasure (purpose) is worth the pursuit. Even if our purpose has not been revealed to us yet, does it mean that we shouldn’t be in pursuit of something worthwhile.  Perhaps you feel as if you have done your do and that may be true, but in actuality, are we ever truly finished doing good works.  Remember, that purpose, always benefits someone besides yourself.


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