Protecting Our Mental Health

When to let go of a relationship/friendship that becomes a burden.

Numbers 11:14 ~ I cannot carry all of these people by myself; the burden is too heavy for me.

All too often, I find myself being the tolerant giver in friendships. You see I love people, interacting with them, and forming bonds but there are limits, right?

Ever not answered the phone because the caller ID invokes a huge sigh because you know the conversation will drain the life out you? We all know that person. No matter the relationship, if it is one-sided, lopsided or drama-filled it is burdensome, hard and simply exhausting!

A question comes to mind, can you still love a person who consistently makes life difficult? Can there be forgiveness in the midst of gut-wrenching hurt, disappointment and constant frustration? The answer is YES! Not only Yes, but emphatically so!

Let’s be brutally honest – forgiveness isn’t usually immediate and a yield to re-loving occurs slowly if at all. Forgiveness is an intentional process that takes time in order to be effective. We hear repeatedly that forgiveness isn’t designed for the person who inflects the pain but for the recipient of it. This is absolutely true.

“Forgiveness releases our offenders from our future. Grace releases us from our past.” ~ Nona Jones ~

Our mental state fairs far better when allowed to release, exhale and recommit to balance. Despite our best efforts to reconcile forgiving feelings, there will be triggers that catapult us back into a negative space, but when authentic, heart-felt resolution is embraced it can dispel all things disparaging. There’s an upside to triggers, they remind us why we released the relationship in the first place and that can be healing. Give yourself permission to walk out the emotions and know that some relationships are seasonal and like all seasons they have a beginning and end. Mental health is valuable and deserves attention and protection.

If anything, or anyone cost you your peace, then it is too expensive!