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To Visionary Women Everywhere

photo credit: Sterneck via photopin cc

photo credit: Sterneck via photopin cc

It is my best recollection that I have been a Woman of Vision since the early to mid-90’s.  Let me be clear, these visions are not of my own doing.  Oh no, far from it.  Anytime I get an idea in my head that comes along with a long-term vision or a full-blown plan, I dare not pretend that I deserve the credit.  Sometimes God gives it to us in bite size pieces, while other times he gives it to us in chunks.  But it’s no matter how I get it, I’ll take it anyway that the he gives it to me.

Whenever I get visions that I know are of God, I want to shout to the world this glorious plan that God has chosen ME to carry out.  What an awesome treat and sign of favor to be hand-picked by God to carry out a mission.  Whew!  I’m getting chills just thinking about.

Last year he gave me this Renew Refresh Reset blog and when he gave it to me, he gave me the vision and a stock of ideas for blog post that he basically wrote in my head.  I simply just typed them up and hit the “submit” button.

Submit to Get the Vision

Speaking of submission, that’s what you have to do with God to receive the vision and live the very best life that you can live.  That’s what you have to do capture the vision that he gives you and be able to carry it out.  You have to fully submit to God’s will.  It’s not touch and go.  But rather it, go, go, go, go, go.  God is not designed to be something that you pick up and put down at will.  On the contrary, God is a God that is everlasting and so should our relationship be with him.  I don’t need to tell you that our yo-yo version of God just doesn’t work in the long run.  You know what I mean?  I mean we have to hold steadfastly to God in good times and bad, lest we falter.

I must confess that 2014 was a year of ups and downs but that’s nothing new.  Life is always full of ups and down.  But you know the downs are sometimes a result of letting go of God and thereby letting go of his vision….. well that’s a hard pill to swallow.  And yet, that’s what I did.  I tried to take the ball and run with it…..without God.

A Network of Visionary Women

The amazing thing about God is that he is so forgiving.  Time after time he gives us another chance, hence the reason for this post.  Today I have become a part of the I Am Woman Network’s Visionary 40.  He has not given me the full vision of what I am to do or be in this group, but he is connecting me to and with other women who either have or want to have and carry out the vision,either theirs, or if they’re really fortunate, the vision and will of God.  I am so looking forward to connecting to this network of women and brick by sisterly brick, we continue to lift one another up build upon the kingdom.

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