2015 Daily Dose of Gratitude

Wake Up With an Attitude of Gratitude

2015 Daily Dose of Gratitude

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How much or how often do you acknowledge the things for which you are grateful?  Surprisingly you may find that your answer is “not often enough.” Why is that?  Surely you realize how much you have to be grateful and that gratitude will greatly enhance the quality of your life.  We take so much for granted that I imagine that’s the primary culprit for the lack of acknowledging our gratitude.

Another not so obvious culprit is time.  There is never enough time (or so we convince ourselves).  But we are more in charge of our time than we are of anything else.  We make time for what we want and for the things we need, well, they often sit idly on that proverbial back burner waiting for the right time.

The 365 Gratitude Experiment

How about a little experiment?  How about every day, you take a little time out to acknowledge the things for which you are grateful?  Do it or say it out loud or share it with another person.  Spend some time to delve into the mode of gratitude and dig deep to unearth your gratefulness for the things that you have taken for granted for too long.

I wake up with the word in the mornings (reading, meditation, and prayer), but the absolute first thing that I do each morning when I open my eyes is say “thank you Jesus.”  Considering how many people may not have woke up this morning, it should send chills up and down your spine that you were blessed to see another day.  That’s the ultimate in gratitude right there. Since I’m a morning person, it works for me if I approach my daily hit list (to do list) as early in the day as possible.  You, on the other hand, choose the time of day that works best for you.

If you find that you’re having a little trouble getting in the 365 Attitude of Gratitude spirit, check out these Brainy Quotes.  These quotes are sure to ignite a gratitude fire.

So What Are You Grateful For?

No, really I want to know so please share in the comments.  Your comment may open up the floodgates of gratitude, so let’s hear it.  Post your most heartfelt expression(s) of gratitude because “from the heart” is what really counts.

“Every day presents another opportunity to hit the reset button on your life.”  Charita H. Cadenhead

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