Don’t Resolve. Reset!

Life Reset 101


Don’t Resolve. Reset!

Doggone it.  It’s that time of year again where we’ll soon commit or recommit to a goal that we set at exactly the same time last year.  Yes, I’m talking about the tried and not so true New Year’s Resolution.  What will it be this year:  lose weight, eat healthier, start dating, travel more and the list, I am sure, can go on forever.

The reality of Life Reset 101 is that the “1st” is not a requirement (i.e. 1st day of the year, 1st day of the week, 1st day of the month).  The time for a life reset is the exact moment that you decide that you want or need it.  If you’re able to adjust or readjust, then just do it.  If not, clear the path to start as soon as it’s possible even if it’s not on the “first” of anything.

Don’t Resolve.  Reset!

When we talk about hitting the reset button on our lives, chances are that it’s a really big deal.  Somehow, somewhere we took a detour and never got back on the path to where we were originally headed.  But, because we know that we can reset at any time, we’ll just start from where we are and carve out a new path.  It’s very exciting just to think about so don’t forget to have some fun with it.  After all, the lack of adventure might just be one reason you need a life reset in the first place.

And that’s Life Reset 101.  Have some fun with it.

“Every day presents another opportunity to hit the reset button on your life.”  Charita H. Cadenhead, Life Coach

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