How Do I Love Me?

Let Me Count the Ways That I Love Me

How Do I Love Me?

How Do I Love Me?

This post is all about self love and loving the person that you are.  Although I don’t believe that you really need  reasons to love yourself.  You just should that’s all (just because).

I know that there are people in the world that actually do not love themselves because they may feel unworthy of love. But I believe that if they did some soul searching, they will find that there is a lot to love about themselves and that they should acknowledge those qualities and begin to love themselves.  I believe that the vast majority of people really are good people and definitely worthy of love of self and others.

But if I had to count the ways that I love me (albeit a short list for the purpose of this post), here’s some of what would be in the count:

  1.  I love that I love God and he loves me back
  2. I love that I know I am a creation of God and that I accept the person that he made me
  3. I love that I was blessed with a daughter that blessed me with two beautiful grandchildren
  4. I love that I have grandchildren that love me to the moon and back and and vice versus
  5. I love that I genuinely care about people and their well being
  6. I love that I love my family
  7. I love that I am smart and witty (yeah I know that’s two but so what?)
  8. I love my determination
  9. I love my creativity
  10. I love being a visionary
  11. I love the risk taker in me
  12. I love that I am not shaped by someone else’s opinion or definition of me
  13. I love my independence to the degree that I don’t have to rely on anyone to take care of me
  14. I love that I am resilient
  15. I love that I do love and can love
  16. I love that I can enjoy my own company
  17. I love that I can express myself
  18. I love that I have a love for the written word
  19. I love that I am not afraid to try new things
  20. I love that I know that failure is a stepping stone to success
  21. I love that I take care of my physical body and care about my appearance
  22. I love knowing when to hold, fold or try again
  23. I know when opportunity knocks, I don’t have all day to answer
  24. I love that I can trust my intuition
  25. I love that this list can go on forever, but I’ll stop here.

I could spend the rest of the day counting the ways that I love me, but the purpose of this post is to draw out all of the wonderful things about ourselves that we take for granted.  Each of us have so many admirable qualities that sometimes everyone else sees except for us.

Embrace your self and your individuality.  Love to love you.  Now, tell me how do you love you?

“Every day presents and opportunity to hit the reset button on your life.”  Charita Cadenhead

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