Opportunity: Prepare For It

What Do You Do When Opportunity Knocks?

When Opportunity Knocks

When Opportunity Knocks

It’s a funny thing about opportunity.  It’s just like God, it doesn’t always come when you want it. But no matter when it comes, the real question is will you be ready for it?  Some of us can think a situation to death. But when it comes to an opportunity that has landed on our doorstep, time isn’t always on our side.  Oftentimes we think too long and too hard until such time the opportunity has passed us by.  Some of us don’t trust our judgment enough to make snap decisions that are in our best interest.  If the decision won’t kill you or otherwise hurt anybody, take the chance and make that snap decisions in order to take advantage of a good opportunities knocking at your door (if it really interest you).

But What If It’s the Wrong Decision?

Many people hold back from making decisions because they feel that they will make a wrong decision.  No one is perfect and who among us has not made an error in judgment?  But guess what?  If you make a wrong decision you simply make another one.  No one ever said that once you decide, that you can’t change your mind.

At some point in your life you have to go out on a limb for something.  You have to stand for something.  If you want something to happen, you have to prepare for it so that when opportunity steps on your welcome mat, you can open the door and greet opportunity with open arms and an open mind.

In Retrospect

Looking back over your life, I’ll bet that many of you have passed up many opportunities with much regret.  Hopefully you are at a point in your lives where you trusty ourselves enough to make choices that you believe are iny our best interest.  I don’t ever want opportunity to knock at my door and I not be prepared to take advantage of a blessing.

Put yourself in place, prepare for and make your own opportunity.

 “Every day presents another opportunity to hit the reset button on your life. ”   Charita Cadenhead