Deciding to Settle Instead of Pursuing

Settle or Pursue

Here’s a thought for you:  The minute you stop trying to pursue your goals, is the minute you decide to settle.  Let me say it one more time:  The minute you stop trying to pursue your goals, is the minute you decide to settle.  Okay let that simmer in your  teapot for a few minutes.

Those of us that have children always advise our children not to just “settle” for what they get, but rather, go for what they want and yet, so many of us have opted to “settle” for the hand that has been dealt to us.  You may think that’s it’s too late for you to pursue your goal(s), but if you are reading this, it means that you’ve got breath in your body and that’s a surefire indicator that it’s not too late.  Let me back up a minute.  You may not be able to climb Mt. Everest (if that is or was your goal), but surely you had more than one goal in your life.  Did you even realize that you had decided to settle or did you wake up one day and suddenly realize that you had given up all hope of living the life that you had decided was for you?

Life Happens to All of Us

Countless times I’ve heard myself say “life happened.”  As I reflect back on those occasions when I’ve used the phrase, it seems that I was in a discussion involving plans that had been debunked by life events.  It also seems to me that while using that phrase, it is associated with yet another phrase we often use:  “it’s never too late.”  You have probably talked this same language so what I’m telling you is not a foreign concept.  However, could it be that these are just empty phrases that we rattle off without any real hope of reconciliation of the problem?  Are these catch phrases just valid anecdotes or simply placebos to psyche ourselves and others out of reality?

Don't Settle For a Life Not of Your Dreams

Don’t Settle For a Life Not of Your Dreams

I understand that people face obstacles (to be overcome) and I know that many of the things that we want in life or want to do are not meant for us.  But, what about the tens, hundreds, thousands of other avenues that are available to us.  Who said you had to stop living just because life happened to you and got in your way?  I’m willing to bet that the culprit was you.  Stop and Go.  Stop telling yourself “no” and “go” and get the life you want and don’t be surprised when life gets in your way again. The next time, you’ll work around or through that obstacle and continue on your course.

“Every day presents another opportunity to hit the reset button on your life.”  Charita Cadenhead


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