Building Strength Through Weaknesses

Building Strength Through Your Weaknesses

Turning Weakness Into Strength

Turning Weakness into Strength

I recently joined a new church and as part of that process, I have been attending New Members class.  We have to go to four New Members classes before we are placed in a permanent Sunday School a.k.a. Small Groups class and before we commit to a ministry.

Well in the third New Members class we were asked to complete a survey.  After completing the survey we were to tally our scores that would ultimately be divided into four categories.  These categories identified areas where we were weakest, strongest and possibly suitable for particular ministries in the church.  Ideally, we were to choose which ministries that we wanted to serve on based on our strengths.  We did not have to turn in the survey, but we were submit a sheet indicating our top three choices for ministries in which to serve.

The choices were many and I just didn’t know which ones to choose.  I was really glad that the result of the survey pinpointed what I had already considered to be my strengths so I was excited about the prospect of God using my strengths to help others.

I didn’t turn in my sheet that day.  Instead I later prayed about it and I was so in awe of God when he revealed to me that I needed to serve in the area of my weakness and not of my strength so that I could gain strength where I was weak.  I had really wanted to serve in a capacity based on my strengths, but I had to quickly hit the “reset button” and prepare to serve in a way that God wanted me to so that my weakness would become my strength.

Right off the top, that made so much sense to me.  It was so awesome that my body seemed weightless as it often does when God speaks to me so clearly. Without question, I will be a better person for allowing my weakness to strengthen me.

“Every day presents another opportunity to hit the reset button on your life.”  Charita Cadenhead


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