Take Yourself on a Date

Take Yourself on a DateWho Says a Date Has to Involve More Than One Person?

You ever have those days where you want to go out and do something fun but you can’t find anybody to go with you?  I know that feeling.  But guess what I do?  I go all by my lonesome and have a really nice and mellow time.

I’m not one of those people who don’t like spending time with myself and doing things by myself.  Heck if I was, I’d be a basket case by now.

It’s refreshing to cruise the city to see the sights.    I take in a movie and perhaps dinner (before or after) all by myself. I have even gone to concerts by myself.   I enjoy long walks alone not only for exercise, but to clear my head, to organize my thoughts or just to eliminate all of  my cares.

Some people feel uncomfortable going out to dinner by themselves.  I’m not sure why.  More than likely it may have something to do with what other people will think.  But when you think about it what does it matter what they think.

Taking yourself on a date gives you that alone time that you may need away from your comfort zone and day-to-day stressors.  If you decide to take yourself on a date, make sure it’s not task oriented because then it would be work. You won’t know how pleasant it can be until you treat yourself to a date with yourself.

The next time you need a date and can’t find one, just look in the mirror and a date will miraculously appear.  So go ahead and have a good time all by yourself.

“Every day presents another opportunity to hit the reset button on your life.”  Charita Cadenhead

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