Living Your Life Doing You

Do What You Wanna Do

The Dramatics sing a song titled “Do What You Wanna Do” and it goes on to say “be what you are.  There ain’t no right or wrong way….”  That is “so” the path and attitude that we may want to adopt in our own lives.  It’s my opinion that we are the #1 reason why our lives don’t pan out the way that we once thought that it would.

Somewhere along the line, we’ve all been sidetracked.  We lost focus of the goal, the gold, or the prize….however you prefer to refer to it.  It happens, but here’s the deal:  there are those of us that pick ourselves up and dust ourselves off and keep pressing forward no matter how many times we are knocked down or have fallen down.  No matter how many times we’ve had “perceived” failures, we just keep trying and trying and trying to get where we want to go so that we can start living the life that we want to live and doing what we want to be doing.  We keep in steady pursuit of living the life that we want to be living.  Guaranteed, I will continue along this path until the day I die.

 Be What You Are

Living:  Do What You Wanna Do

Living: Do What You Wanna Do

Along the way as you strive to “Do What You Wanna Do” I encourage you to stay true to yourself and “be what you are.”  It will work in your favor more than anything else.  It’s okay to have mentors and role models, and it’s okay to want to be “like” them, but remember, don’t try to “be” them. Even as they serve to be a model or mentor for you, one day you’ll come into your own and someone will be striving to “be like” you.  When that happens, you’ll have an opportunity to reach back and pull someone up in a way that you had not been able to in the past.

But along the way, to thine own self be true and “do what you wanna do and be what you are.”


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