You Are An Empowered Woman

Even When You Think You Aren’t, You Are

Empowered Woman

E = Empowerment

A few years ago, I made the statement on Facebook that “I Am an Empowered Woman.  Are You?” and a FB friend responded “no” and she asked the question “how does that work?”  I thought the question and the answer were worth revisiting.

An Empowered Woman:  How Does That Work?

I believe every woman is innately empowered whether they know it or not.  I believe that the unveiling of empowerment is possible given the right tools, guidance, and proper environment. 

An empowered woman will blossom when she recognizes what she is capable of, understands that obstacles are detours to success and not a denial of success. The empowered woman believes that she can make it happen (whatever “IT” is). An empowered woman recognizes that purpose and passion fuel the making of dreams come true. She is one that can make her life happen with a measure will and an ounce courage to do it.  However, that does not mean that she has to do it alone.   Teamwork is an essential part of making the dream come alive.  She knows how and when to delegate and that there are aspects of themselves that are not as strong as their greater talents.  That’s the time to delegate or expand the empowered woman’s team.  Calling upon others helps to carry out goals at a swifter, yet steady and calculated pace.

An empowered woman enjoys the success of others and shares in their happiness.  She is willing to help others to succeed because a success for one is a success for all.  An empowered woman knows that personal well-being is of utmost importance in bringing well-being to any type of relationship.

The funny thing about being an empowered woman is that real empowerment surfaces when these attributes are set into motion.  It’s a beautiful thing the instant the revelation becomes clear that you are that woman.  And while you bask in it for as long as possibly, another revelation will occur and that my dear will beg the question “what are you going to do with discovery?

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