The Kitchen Table

The Center of it All

“Hey Darling, come in and sit down at the kitchen table and have something to eat.”  This was a familiar invitation for me.

From the time I was a teenager and old enough to have those “women talks” –  the kitchen table was the place of comfort, consolement, celebration of triumphs and victories, prayers of loss and sadness and the place where life-changing proclamations would occur.

It seems like every major event in my life was revealed here.  Now as I reminisce, it wasn’t so much the table or the wonderful meals (and they were wonderful), it was and still is, the wonderful woman who those tables belonged to!

Each woman, either family or friends of the family was the reason I always felt so comfortable, encouraged, prayed for and why I felt at ease crying at the kitchen table.

I thank each of these women past and present for always being the ear that listened, the voice that prayed and the arms that hugged me at the Kitchen Table!

photo credit: Theresa Thompson via photopin (license)

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