Yesterday’s Challenges Conquered

You Are Here Because You Conquered Yesterday’s Challenge

ChallengesThese days staying alive is a challenge.  So many innocent bystanders are struck down by gunfire, domestic disputes or other such nonsense.  It is a blessing to be here today.  At the end of the day, even your children conquered a challenge yesterday:  they came home in the same good health and strength as when they departed for school in the morning.

Yesterday you may have read the newspaper and read about all of the distressing news around the country involving death, illness, racism, crime, fatal car accidents, school shootings, etc.   You are here today because you conquered yesterday’s challenges.

Simple Challenges Count Too

There is more.  Yesterday you probably made some good decisions without giving them a second thought. Conquered!  Yesterday you may have thwarted a heated debate just by stepping back for a moment and then calmly revisiting the situation.  Conquered! You may have been all set to go to work and walked out to a car that would not start, but you made it to work anyway.  Conquered!

You see, sometimes we just do not give ourselves enough credit. Every day that we live and breathe means that we have conquered the challenges of the day before.  Let us take a few minutes and give ourselves props for being survivors in a world so full of stress, strife and challenges.

Hit the Reset Button on Life

Hit the Reset Button on Life

Every day I thank God for breathing breathe into my body.  I pray that he will allow me to be a blessing in someone’s life, just as he has blessed me by allowing me to see another day.

What challenges will you conquer today and live to talk about tomorrow?  Will you accept the challenge boldly to Reset, Refresh, Reset Your Live?  We shall see.  We shall see.

“Every day presents opportunity to hit The reset button on your life.”
 Charita Cadenhead

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