Patience and Persistence is a Partnership

Hurry Up and Wait

Sometimes when you set a goal or have a desire to do something, it just seems like it’s never going to come to pass.  Even when we make consistent strides towards achieving a goal, it seems like it takes forever for it to happen.  Some people will begin to doubt that it will ever happen.  They run out of patience and quit.  However, I know that those of you that have set upon a path to Reset Your Life will never quit.  Why?  Because you realize that if a change is ever going to occur, it’s going to require the partnership of patience and persistence.

Let’s Talk About Patience First

Every day I wake up and read Our Daily Bread at and on one particular morning, I read that it takes the average person 17 minutes to lose their patience while waiting in line and 9 minutes to lose their patience while on hold on the phone.  As thoughts rambled through my head the question came about:  “what can we do about that line or what can we do about that long phone wait?”  Of course we have some options:  we can move to another line or we can hang up and call back (both of which may set us back even farther).  Another option is to just leave the line or call back at a later time (again setting back our goal of getting our product or getting a question answer or problem resolved on the phone.   But those were not my first answers.  My first answer to the question was “wait.”  Yes, we continue to wait in line or we continue to hold the phone to progress further towards our goal of getting what we came or called for.

Persistence Pays Off

Just think about that long wait in line and finally getting to the head of the line.  Hopefully, you have tempered your anger and don’t take it out on the service provider at the head of the line.  After a 17 minute wait in line, just one or two minutes more, you will walk out with what you came to do.  Every step that we take towards accomplishing a goals leads to some form of a result.  For example, if you want to be a high school teacher, you have to enroll in a college of higher education.  That puts you closer to your goal than you were yesterday.  You have to complete your CORE requirements before you can begin taking classes in your field.  Completing those CORE classes results in you getting closer to your goal.  You embark upon the need to complete your student teaching.  Completion of your student teaching is a result that puts you closer to your end goal.  While the four to five years that it takes to get an education may seem like a long time, you know that ultimately if you just keep pressing forward, your persistence will pay off.  Patience puts us closer to our goal with each necessary action that we take.

Once you embark upon the journey, don’t look back or give credence to giving up.  Simply keep pressing forward.  Your patience will be tried, but your persistence will pull you though.

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