Without Passion There is No Success

Without Passion There is No Success

That’s what my pastor said on this past Sunday and it really resonated with me.  Personally I love it when passion takes over to the point where I can’t sleep for thinking about ways to bring that passion into reality.  Nearly every waking moment, I think about that passion and I’m driven by it.

When I am consumed with passion, I light up like a Christmas tree.  My eyes get starry every time I am relaying my passion to someone.  Passion is even contagious.  When I convey my passion to someone, I can see in their eyes that they are excited for me and believe in it as well because I’ve conveyed it with such detail and conviction. It’s that kind of passion that just burns in your belly so much so that you can go all day without realizing that you haven’t eating or taken a break.  It’s that passion that dictates your every action.  Passion allows you to vividly see yourself in the future doing just what you crave. It’s one of the most exciting feelings in the entire world and the only way you can shake it is if you don’t tirelessly pursue it until such time, you become a success story.  But if you ever lose that passion, you can toss success right out of the window.  You see chasing a melted down version of that passion won’t get you where you want to go.  I once found myself chasing a melted down version of a passion but it just wasn’t the same.  No matter how hard I tried, I just could not refuel that flame.

Feed Your Passion

Passion has to be fed and the only way you can feed it is with action.  You can to take action every single day to keep that passion afloat.  If you don’t, you’ll soon lose interest, become lazy, procrastinate and before you know it, you’ll be waiting for the next big passion to come along.  The problem with that is that you may be waiting a very long time, maybe even infinitely. Live the dream and feed the passion because without passion, there is no success.

Fuel the fire that is your passion.  If you haven’t completely lost it, don’t give up yet.  At least make an attempt to hit the “Reset” button on your passion.

“Every day presents an opportunity to hit The reset button on your life.”  Charita Cadenhead

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