What Is Your Mission Statement?

Personal Mission Statement

Mission statement

What’s Your Mission Statement

When we think of mission statements, we often think that only businesses have them, but not so. We all have a mission in life don’t you think?  Since in large part, we thought mission statements were only for businesses, many may not have considered their own mission on a personal level. However, it is not too late.

Whether business or personal, a mission gives our lives purpose. It makes that purpose or function in life concrete.  It is a constant reminder of the direction in which we are heading or would like to be heading.

Your mission statement can be whatever you want it to be, but once you declare it, it will be useless and meaningless unless you live it for the most impact.

What is Your Mission Statement?

Think of that mission in terms of:  to do, to be, to give, etc.  Remember, it is not an essay.  Rather it is a simple statement.  What is your personal mission statement?  If you do not have one, you may give some thought to creating one or at least tapping into why you believe you exist.

Take some time, think about it, and then write down your mission statement.  I would even suggest that you have it framed and hang it where you can see it, often.

Put your life on “Reset” and live as if you have a mission to accomplish.

“Every day presents opportunity to hit The reset button on your life.”  Charita Cadenhead

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