Re-learning How To Be Me

How to Be Me

by Guest Writer Aimee Lanier

Learning to be me

Learning to be me

People often fall into the trap of letting a job, relationship or title define them. Worse yet, some people allow a tragedy to define them.  We are all meant to be more than what any single title or event can describe. Life is a process, a journey, a growth process. We are not meant to let one hurdle stop us in our tracks. Our character is not defined by how many times we fall, but how many times we get back up, brush the dust off and keep going.

In my late thirties I found myself starting a new job, a new church and a new life. I had experienced the loss of my mom just a few years after my dad passed away. A few months later the school I worked for closed. I was getting good at “dealing with things.” I had numbed to the constant attacks on my comfort zone, but I kept going. I worked up my courage to begin attending church again and I started a new career. Then one day, during my quiet time on my way to work, I heard that still, small voice telling me everything was new. I could be the me I wanted to be. This was my chance relearn how to be me, to redefine myself and to reset.

I realized I was stronger than I thought. I had gotten through tougher times than I ever imagined I would go through, and I was okay. I made new friends, reconnected with old ones, found new mentors and I broke free from an unhealthy relationship. I began enjoying old hobbies again. I reconnected with the classic car club I grew up in, picked up a camera again and I began volunteering. I prayed for opportunities to serve. I began serving through my neighborhood association, my car club, my church and through a homeless ministry. I began……AGAIN.

I redefined myself… Photographer, Volunteer, Hot Rod Girl, Organizer, Leader, Servant, Friend… Did challenges stop during this re-defining process? No, if anything, they came at me more rapidly, and as the numbness wore off I began dealing with feelings again. I asked myself why certain things bothered me that did not used to affect me and why certain things hurt my feelings that never mattered before. Then I realized that it was because I was actually feeling again, and that was a good thing. It was another lesson in re-learning how to be me.  I began learning to guard my heart a little better, to make sure I spent time with the right people; encouraging people. I learned to go where I was celebrated, not tolerated.

Re-learning how to be me is a process and the fun is in the journey. Each day is a new day and I can wake up and say, “I can be whoever I want to be today and I can do whatever I want to do today.”  I pick up my camera and ask, “What do I want to see today?”

Aimee Lanier

Aimee Lanier

Aimee Lanier was raised in Fairfield, Alabama and currently resides in Fairfield. Her background is in Natural Health, Herbology and the Mind, Body, Spirit Connection. She holds a Bachelor’s of Arts in American Studies from the University of Alabama. Her hobbies include photography and writing. She is a classic car enthusiast and uses the hobby as a method of community outreach for volunteering and fundraising for local charities. She is actively involved in serving through the Glen Oaks Neighborhood Association, Heartland Cruisers Car Club and Elevate Church.

Aimee has been published in the Holistic Times Newsletter, Comprehensive Iridology Newsletter and Biodiversity Magazine. She also has experience in copy writing, course writing and editing in the Natural Health field.

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She currently works for the City Clerk in the City of Homewood, which is career that provides valuable insight in serving her neighborhood association and attending city council meetings.

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