Love Grows and Music Captures Those Moments

Love, Music, Moments

by Guest Writer Michelle Spratt-Lockett

I recently decided to renew my wedding vows to my husband on the beautiful beach of Panama City, FL. Our love has grown so much and we never had an official ceremony that reflected us. I couldn’t resist the opportunity to honor our marriage that reflected how I felt. As I was walking up the steps of a private pier that revealed a picturesque view of the Gulf of Mexico, my 10 year-old son (who walked me down the aisle); had such a cool look on his face as he did as a newborn. My mind instantly flashed back to when I was 21, I became a first time unwed mom who wanted to give my son a fighting chance at a good life. I made a pact with my newborn, looking into his eyes I told my baby, “Love will combat any obstacle in our way and I will be there to see you become a responsible man!”

All of Me

The song playing at that moment was “Happy Feelings,” by Frankie Beverly. It was something about the lyric- I’ve got myself to remind me of love- to catapult my thinking into self worth and worthiness of being loved. In that moment, I commemorated a tattoo on myself that says love in Japanese, who could predict I would marry a man who speaks and reads Japanese? We descended down the steps onto the warm sand as John Legend’s “All of Me” started playing.  I focused my sights on my husband of 2 years (7 total years together) as he stood underneath the wedding arbor- I remembered every argument, love session, and all the tough conversations we’ve had and wouldn’t trade a moment.  How he loves my imperfections and has given me the opportunity to grow into the woman I can and should be- gave me all the ammunition to Renew and Refresh my focus on our marriage and family.  We were pronounced husband and wife again while Tony, Tone, Toni’s “Just Me and You” played in the background. With family and friends surrounding us at the beautiful location my husband had a look that forever will be embedded in memories.

In marriage there will always be a reset button. I choose to celebrate the resets, renewals, and refresher courses to keep the passion going. There is always room to grow together and as an individual just know communication is the key. There are great men and women in this world who are full of virtue and love, no one is perfect but we all deserve a fighting chance to find the happiest soundtrack of our lives!

 Photo Credit: A. Boswell Photography

Michelle Spratt-Lockett

Michelle Spratt-Lockett

Michelle Spratt-Lockett

A Birmingham, AL and Dallas, TX native who resides in West VA as an Operations Manager for a lucrative Industrial Distribution company. Michelle is a passionate writer with a style of old world literature with notes of neo poetry and witty humor. Freedom of expression along with the thirst to have positive life experiences are the driving force to which she writes.  To have human moment’s everyday gives us all the ability to witness the raw forms of love and humor- so understand that we are humans first and deserve to laugh at life with dignity


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