Your Life As a 100 Piece Puzzle

The Puzzle:  Putting It All Together

You’ve spent your entire life putting together the pieces of your life’s puzzle.  Ninety-nine of the 100 pieces are all in place and then you discover that the final piece is missing.  You spend months and perhaps even years searching for that missing piece but to no avail.  All hope that you’ll ever find that final piece of the puzzle begins to fade.  What do you do?  Do you keep searching or do you give up and give in?  Do you live out your life feeling incomplete?

Your Life As a Puzzle

Your Life As a Puzzle

Think about it.  Ask yourself the question and I don’t mean rhetorically.  I mean really stop and think about.  As busy as life seems, it’s worth it to think about it.

That’s it.  End of post.

“Every day presents another opportunity to hit the reset button on your life.”  Charita H. Cadenhead

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