Entrepreneurs and the Entreprenuerial Spirit

Once You Get It, It Never Goes Away

I once heard my friend Carole Sharp say “I can’t kill it and it won’t die.”  As I recall, she wasn’t referring to entrepreneurs, but I remember that the moment she said it, I immediately related it to my entrepreneurial spirit.  Over the years when I’ve spoken to others wanting to be in business for themselves I couldn’t help but convey to them that once they “catch” the entrepreneurial spirit, they won’t be able to kill it and it won’t die.

Entrepreneurs Are Driven

One thing that all entrepreneurs have in common is an undying passion for success.  Whether it is ever achieved or not is another story.  Whether success is ever achieved or not, you just have to admire a person that does not believe in giving up.  Entrepreneurs eat, sleep and breathe their passion.  It drives them to aspire, to be creative, to be motivated, to be excited about the possibilities of their future, their ideas, their dreams, goals and past, current and future achievements.  My God, how can you not get excited about endless possibilities based on desires that are attainable (IF ONLY).

If Only

The entrepreneurial spirit converts “If only” to “I will.”  Our visions are so clear in our minds that we can see, hear and taste success and we just keep reaching for it.  Personally I believe your goal is within reach as long as you keep reaching for it and keeping the vision squarely in front of your face.

  • If only I could get in front of the right people.
  • I will identify the right people and when we meet, I will……
  • If only I had more time
  • I will  create a schedule and realistic timeline, I will have the time necessary to invest in myself
  • If only I had the money to move forward
  • I will develop a budget, I can make some short-term sacrifices for some long-term goals which will result in monetary gains so I can move forward.  I will evaluate additional sources of funding.
  • If only I had some help
  • I will build a team, I will be able to get more done and that will result in the advancement of my goals

Turn your “ifs” into “I wills” and you’ll be a winner every time.  Don’t let other people discourage you because they can’t see your vision.  People that don’t possess this spirit, they don’t really understand us so you can easily be discouraged because they don’t “get” your excitement.  Put yourself in the company of other entrepreneurs and keep the spirit alive.  That entrepreneurial spirit that you have is ingrained in you as if it were blood running through your veins.  It takes courage to keep trying and to never give up.  Be courageous.  Be daring.  Take risk for your vision to become a reality.  Dream on and just keep dreaming.

Entreprenuerial Spirit

Entreprenuerial Spirit

And remember:

“Every day presents another opportunity to hit the reset button on your life.”  So if you didn’t get it right yesterday, there is always today to give it another try.

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