Learning to Forgive Ourselves

Learning to Forgive Ourselves

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Forgive Yourself

How long do we walk around carrying our own burden of un-forgiveness?  The answer in most cases is – Too Long!  Sometimes forgiveness of others comes easier than forgiveness of ourselves.  It is noble and wise to be convicted of our wrong doings, but to wallow in despair is counterproductive.

Every day brings about an opportunity to face life head on and try as we may, things don’t always turn out as planned.  Misplaced anger, a short snappy answer, a frown, an unpleasant remark, these are all things that are usually directed towards others, but what about the missed opportunities, bad investments (not always financial), emotional decisions that leave us feeling  embarrassed, ashamed and empty?  These in summation, are simply mistakes, and we all make them.  Yes, some mistakes are worse than others, but I believe that if they are not life threatening and we are still standing, we can move past them.

As children, mistakes were not only expected but welcomed.  In the classroom, teachers would point out our mistakes and gently guide us in the right direction to help us with achieving the right answer or concept.  Where did we lose that premise?  Successful business men and women will tell you that they made many and costly mistakes on the road to success, but without those mistakes, they would not have learned, readjusted and moved on.

Here’s my challenge to everyone, if you are holding on to any piece of self-inflicted un-forgiveness, examine the problem, then look in the mirror and tell yourself – It’s over and I forgive You!

photo credit: WELS.net via photopin cc


Photo Credit: Nspired BeautyDJ is a native of Washington, DC now living in Birmingham, AL.  She is a journalist, home color/design/organizational stylist, and inventor.  She enjoys giving back to the community through elementary/middle school scholarships, work with local Birmingham non-profits and churches.

She has written and published several articles for local Christian magazines, The Faith Connection and Pure Heart Magazine.  In her leisure  DJ enjoys Jazz music, hosting informal gathers, poetry readings and being of service where needed.

Currently, DJ is developing a business that will incorporate her various talents.

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