Happy New Year, Whew

Happy New Year: In With the New

By Guest Writer DJ

2015Ok, so we are in the 3rd week of 2015!  Most people are still greeting those whom they have not seen since last year with a “Happy New Year” greeting.

I can’t tell you how many people I have greeted who have a similar response – “I’m so glad to see 2014 go!”  Well, for various reasons I guess we could all say that, but in retrospect, if we really examine 2014, was it all bad?  Sure, there were some challenges, tough times financially, emotionally and possibly spiritually, but didn’t the good days exceed the bad?

I set some clear goals in 2014 and although it was the 11th hour, I fulfilled all of them by December 28th, 2014! Whew!!!  Now, doing so wasn’t the easiest task, but through perseverance, determination and sheer stubbornness, I did it!

Don’t Get Caught Up in Perfection

Sometimes we get too caught up on perfection, which is something we will never achieve.  Doing our best often comes up short, but each day brings a new opportunity and another chance to hone our craft or try a new approach.

A new year signifies a new beginning, but let us not forget the past year(s).  If you are walking, thinking and breathing, if you are employed, have a place to stay and friends and family who love you today that is because you made it safely through 2014.  Remember there are many who didn’t.   Look at each year as a rung on a ladder.  With each step up, we continue to reach for higher heights and everyone’s elevation is different.

Instead of looking at the past year in the negative, try accentuating the positive and being thankful that this year is the prize – you made it!

Happy it’s a New Year, and thankful for all years past!


Photo Credit: Nspired Beauty

DJ is a native of Washington, DC now living in Birmingham, AL.  She is a journalist, home color/design/organizational stylist, and inventor.  She enjoys giving back to the community through elementary/middle school scholarships, work with local Birmingham non-profits and churches.

She has written and published several articles for local Christian magazines, The Faith Connection and Pure Heart Magazine.  In her leisure  DJ enjoys Jazz music, hosting informal gathers, poetry readings and being of service where needed.

Currently, DJ is developing a business that will incorporate her various talents.


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