You Have Great Promise

Showing Great Promise


Showing Great Promise

Showing Great Promise

It’s been said that “tomorrow isn’t promised to us” but that doesn’t keep us from planning as if it is.  The fact that we plan for tomorrow is an indication that we have hope for promise and so long as we’re planning, why not plan for great things to happen.

Some may have given up on a promising future years ago only to regret it later.  Many Renew Refresh Reset Your Life readers know my belief that every day presents another opportunity to hit the reset button on your life.  That statement alone, gives each of us great promise for the future.

Each day holds great promise for us.  Each one of the things on our past, present and/or future bucket list can become our reality if we turn our thoughts into actions full of promise.  No matter where you come from, no matter where you’ve been, your life holds at least some modicum of promise.  Whether you choose to access the promise within is entirely up to you.   Sure you may need a little help along the way, but the path awaits your first move.  You must be the initiator of the pursuit of promise.

Some may say that I sound like a dreamer and they are darned right.  Heck yeah, I’m a dreamer and I hold out for hope and I’m going to dream on.  It beats the alternative of not having anything to look forward to.  It beats the alternative of settling for less than my heart’s desires.  Dreaming and holding out for hope increases the odds of my making a difference in this world in ways that really count, namely what I can do for others.

Living by Choice or By Chance

I imagine that all adults of full mental capacity are capable of making choices about their lives.  They can choose to live in pursuit of great promise.  People can choose to pursue the life that they dream about or they can choose to live a life of happenstance and chance.  Either of which is perfectly okay as long as it’s their choice and not by chance.

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