Is Your Doubt Holding You Back or Someone Else’s

Doubt is the Enemy



No doubt you were born the person that you were meant to be. However, en route to adulthood, there are many things that influence the person you’ll become.   If you’re fortunate, and I hope that you are, you were raised by loving and caring parents that instilled in you a reasonable amount of pride.  I say reasonable as to rule out foolish pride.

Parents have the greatest influence on us until we start school and then our teachers become the all-knowing authority.  You remember that don’t you?  But Ms. So and So said.  It didn’t matter if your parents had told you something a gazillion times before, it didn’t hold true until Ms. So and So said it too.

Peer Pressure

Then there are those horrible and yet horribly happy teen years when we are influenced by and faced with peer pressure.  Though we feared giving in to it because of known and unknown consequences, sometimes we took the risk anyway.  If we were lucky, no real harm was done and we walked away with our self-respect in tact and vowed from then on that we’d never put it on the line.

We grow up, we know better and with any hope, we do better.  We move on to college and although parents are footing the bill, we become more independent and began to make choices that we know we’ll be held accountable for.  It’s a scary time and we’re already full of doubt wondering if our choices will be wise ones.

We have high hopes and goals for ourselves.  Some of our aims may seem a bit to high for some people and they begin to instill doubt and before long, you may find yourself in doubt. You began to wonder whether your worthy goal was too lofty after all. Perhaps they are right, who are you to aim so high?   Who are you to dare to make a difference?  Who are you to set a goal and then proceed as if it can be achieved?

From Doubt Back to Center

You reason with yourself.  You try to put things into perspective and as you search the depths of your soul, you rekindle that passion that set you upon your goal in the first place. You realize that someone’s else doubt nearly derailed your life’s goal. Your had begun to wane before you ever yielded your first fruits.

You’ve done good my child.  You’ve done good.  Doubt is the enemy lest you never forget. Doubt……dispel it quickly.   Your passion.  Your vision.  Your way.

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“Every day presents another opportunity to hit the reset button on your life.” Charita Cadenhead, Life Coach.