Childlike Curiosity: In the MInds of Babes

I Wanna Do, Be, Go and See

Childlike Curiosity

Childlike Curiosity

Why is it that when some of us grow up, we lose our sense of curiosity and adventure? As kids, not only did we wanna do, be, go and see, we believed that there was nothing stopping us (besides Mom and Dad) from those lofty aspirations.  Yeah I know things change and we don’t think like a kid, but that doesn’t mean we have to lose all sense of want.

Fear. What’s That?”

“No” is not an option.  You tell a kid “no” and they’ll come up with a hundred and one other ways to get to “yes.” What happens to that kind of fitful determination when we get to be all grown up? Granted, as kids we didn’t have sense enough to be afraid especially if the only thing to fear was rejection.  To be clear, when I say rejection, I mean fear of “no” and not rejection of self.  As adults, oftentimes one “no” will kill a desire, dream or any hope of attainment. As kids, heck if Mom said “no” there was always Dad. And if Dad said “no” there was always the unsuspecting big brother or sister. But for some of us as adults,  one “no” means the end of the line.

I Double Dog Dare You

Optimism and childlike determination can change your whole world. It can change possibilities into realities. It can change your “wannas” into testimonies of accomplishments, fulfillment and inspiration for others to dare to “wanna” do, be, go and see.

So here’s the challenge: I double dog dare you to unlock that childlike curiosity and tell rejection, deterrents and other obstacles to take a hike. Tell them you have things to do, be, go and see. And then set upon a mission to do, be, go and see and don’t stop until mission accomplished.
“Every day presents an opportunity to hit the reset button on your life.”  Charita Cadenhead

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