Brenda Mullen: Passion Over Paycheck

Renewing, Refreshing and Resetting My life as a Full Time San Antonio TX Realtor®

Passion Over Paycheck

Passion Over Paycheck

So, what do you say when a good friend, Charita Cadenhead asks you to write a guest post to submit to her new-found ministry of Renew, Refresh and Reset your Life?  Well, you say yes of course.

This past October of 2013, I decided to make a major change in my life and quit my good government paying job to become a full-time San Antonio TX Realtor®.  This is something I was determined to do ever since I received my Real Estate license back in 2007.  Actually, I had never truly intended to do Real Estate part-time, but it just kind of turned out that way when I was offered a full-time job upon retiring from the military right after I had received my license.
Because I had been in the Army 21 years and was very used to a regular paycheck, the thought of having a paid job, along with working in Real Estate seemed a no brainer.  What I didn’t know at the time, was how much I would really love the Real Estate Industry and how much I would love helping my clients to buy and sell homes and how much time both would take out of my life.
By the time 6 years had passed, I had already been promoted up the ranks in my good government job and was making a little over $70,000 a year.  This along with my Army retirement pay was netting me a comfortable amount to live on.

Passion Over Paycheck

The problem was that I was trading my time for a paycheck when what I really wanted to be doing was selling Real Estate.  I was also having a tough time taking care of my clients and doing good work at my full-time job.  In all actuality, it was my full-time job that was paying the price with my performance, because I was not letting my clients suffer.  At the same time, I couldn’t really ever go full tilt on gaining more clients because I knew I wouldn’t have the time for them.  It was all very frustrating and I was suffering emotionally because I really just wanted to do this Real Estate thing.
Ideally I wanted to wait until I had all bills paid off and I was sitting pretty with money in the bank so that I could quit my full-time job and become a full-time Realtor®.  This way, when I left my job I wouldn’t have any financial issues or concerns.  I’m not sure if you understand that letting go of a regular paycheck and launching myself into a world where I might not get paid for a long time or ever (we don’t get paid unless we sell a house), is kind of scary thing.
I realized however, that there was never going to be the “perfect” time.  I was either going to have to just do it, or quit Real Estate and concentrate on my J.O.B., and the thought of that made me very sad and a tad ill as well.  Many people, when they get comfortable, want to stay that way and I wasn’t any different, but it was in my soul that I just needed to be a Realtor®.  I also realized that if I didn’t take that leap of faith, that I was never going to.
So, I did.  I set my “quit date” (if you have ever smoked than you know what I am talking about) and let my family know and my friends at work know and just did it.  As my final day approached, I would “reconsider” in my mind….”what if I just stayed until the end of the year?”…”what if I just waited another 6 months?”  None of those thoughts stayed long though.  It was just inconceivable once I made up my mind, that I would change it.  Even when I think about it now, “should I go back?” I just cringe.

Did I Make the Right Choice?

Now, obviously my story isn’t over by any means.  In fact, it is just beginning.  I have been at this full-time Real Estate thing for a whole 4 months lol..and I am doing good….fantastic in fact.  At first it was a bit daunting.  I really didn’t know what to do with ALL this time I had.  Picture it…21 years in the military and 6 years at a good government job…I had somewhere to be for a long, long time.  I had a schedule to follow.  When I quit, I had all this time to myself and didn’t quite know what to make of it.  No worries though, I have figured it out.
I am extremely happy that I made the decision to just do it and to follow my dream.  I Renew, Refresh and Reset myself daily with my decision but I’m the happiest I’ve been in a very long time.  What would make me even happier is if any of you reading are looking to buy or sell a home in the San Antonio TX area…just look me up at or and I will be sure to help you out!
Wife, Mother &
  Full Time San Antonio, TX Realtor®
I really appreciate the time Brenda took to invest in this blog post to share how she had a major reset in your life.  Quitting a job with a good income in no easy decision to come by.  But with the ultimate faith that her passion would lead to happiness, it was worth it. Thanks again Brenda.
“Every day presents and opportunity to hit the reset button on your life.”  Charita Cadenhead