Where Does Time Go?

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Where Does Time Go

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Time just seems to escape us on occasion.  It’s been over a month since I’ve written a blog post and the title of it was “It’s Always Something.”  I find that ironic since the tune of this post, and that one are in sync.  There is always something lurking to debunk our well laid out plans.  And in this case, “time” is the culprit.  There just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day.  Even as we’ve supposedly gained an hour when we “fell back” due to daylight savings time, I seemed to not have gained the hour that people speak of.

By the time you realize that time has stolen some golden opportunities or somehow sabotaged your well laid out plans, you are totally discombobulated.  Well, that’s not entirely correct.  The truth is that time doesn’t steal anything from us.  We just get caught up and are easily sidetracked at times by life’s unplanned events.  You know, “the one thing leads to another syndrome.”  What we don’t want to do is plan every single minute of our lives to keep our priorities intact.  There must be some room left for spontaneity. Don’t tell me you’ve grown so old or complacent that you don’t remember the spontaneity of your youth.  Reflect for a moment on all of those spur of the moment fun-filled times or relaxing moments to take your mind off of tasks you have yet to carry out.

Where Does Time Go?

Time seems to escape us when things are out-of-order.  So instead of where does the time go, the question then becomes, “how do you regain order” in your life?  No doubt the answer is different for each of us, and the question begs us to pause and reflect.   That moment of reflection may just be the catalyst you need to regain order.

“Every day presents another opportunity to hit the reset button on your life.”  Charita H. Cadenhead, Life Coach

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Charita CadenheadCharita Cadenhead is founder of Renew Refresh Reset Your Life, which she likes to call a “movement” to inspire greatness in people who have somehow gotten off their life’s track. She is the sole author and contributor of the RenewRefreshReset.com motivational blog which launched in January 2014. In addition, she is • A licensed Realtor® in the Alabama serving Bham, AL • • Co-author of the book “Sell Your House Fast for the Right Price” • Has been featured on NuWireInvestor.com. • An avid blogger on ActiveRain.com Real Estate Network with nearly 1300 posts to date, including 94 featured posts. • Serving as contributing editor of a book detailing the road to redemption for a local rising motivation speaker.


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