Are You Busy Being Busy?

Are You Really Too Busy?

Too Busy Being Busy

Too Busy Being Busy

Sometimes I have to ask myself the question:  Are You Busy Being Busy? True enough, I always have a lot going on, but am I really too busy to take time out for what’s really important (i.e. family, friends, me time)?  Well occasionally I am, but there are other times when I’m worn out and beat down from being busy being busy.

If you’re a little confused about what busy being busy means, let me explain.  Have you ever heard the term busy work?  It’s work that usually appears productive or of intrinsic value but actually only keeps one occupied (Merriam-Webster).  Yes, it true, I am guilty of busy work sometimes.  It’s very easy to get caught up in this frantic mode of appearing busy.

If you are a person that finds it hard to sit still, sometimes you do things just so you don’t find yourself being idle.  As a result, you find yourself performing menial tasks that you can simply avoid altogether.  But before you know it, you go from one busy-like task to another as if you were really accomplishing some fantastic goal.  By the time you realize what’s really happening, you are so tired, that you are hardly good for anything.

Stop the Busy Being Busy Syndrome

Let me share a tip with you. On those occasions when you don’t have anything pressing to accomplish, try taking a much-needed break.  Treat yourself to just doing nothing if the mode strikes you.  Catch a movie (even if there seems like nothing good is playing at the movies, you might be surprised at the B-movie really turning out be be an A on your list).  Weather permitting, take a stroll through a venue that is calming and esthetically pleasing.  For me, that place is Botanical Gardens in Birmingham, AL.  I hadn’t thought about it until now, but the next time I go to Botanical Gardens, I may just round out my day by crossing the street to The Birmingham Zoo and be amazed by the wonders of God’s creatures.

“Every day presents another opportunity to hit the reset button on your life.”  Charita H. Cadenhead, Life Coach
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