Talk the Talk Without Walking the Walk

Do You Talk the Talk and Not Walk the Walk?

Talk the Talk, Walk the Walk

Talk the Talk, Walk the Walk

How many times have you heard yourself say that you want to do something and then that was just the end of it.  A mere statement that rolled off of your lips and then vanished in the same swift fashion as it appeared.  What’s even worse than that is that you’ve made the same statement hundreds of times and yet this “desired” event has never occurred.  Isn’t it time for you to talk the talk “and” walk the walk?


What’s Really Going on Here?

What is really stopping you from going after that “thing” that you want or want to do?

  • Do you believe that your goal is really attainable?  (Hint:  chances are that you really don’t believe it is).
  • Is work getting in your way?  If so, is there a way to workaround it without quitting your job?
  • Is your life just too busy?
  • What activity can you eliminate that will ease towards that “event” that you want to happen?
  • Do you think that it will take too long to accomplish? (Here’s a revelation: The same amount of time will pass if you don’t do it and when that time has passed, you will be talking about how you should have used that time to accomplish the desired goal).
  • Is the “thing” you want to do, really what you want to do or has saying it just become second nature?

You Have Some Decisions to Make

So what’s it going to take to Renew, Refresh and Reset Your Life so that you can walk the walk that you’ve been talking about?  Oh and let’s not make that a rhetorical question.


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