Straight Talk About Abusive Relationships

Precious S. Brown Gives it to Us Straight

My guest today on Renew Refresh Reset Your Life TV on was Precious S. Brown, Divorcologist. Precious talked very candidly about her tumultuous marriage, drug usage, a gun to her head and the decision that it was time to break away from it all.

It took a lot of determination and courage to walk away from a two-way abusive marriage and yet it was still a 5-year journey to pack her bags with kids in tow.

Abusive Relationships Began at Age 15

Precious talks candidly about an abusive boyfriend at the age of 15.  She endured the pain and agony of that relationship for two years.  From Day 1, her father knew that this guy was bad news and insisted that Precious never see him again.  But as kids will do, you tell them not to do something and that’s the very thing that they do. After 2 years, she broke free of that relationship and the bad boyfriend ended up killing another student.  Listen to the replay and find out more about that secret that she kept from everyone including her own siblings.

She talks about the sad truth of kids living with volatile parents and how she tried to explain to her kids that the volatility of their parents was not normal.  She explained to them that is not how good relationships are supposed to be and they should never stand for that in a relationship and yet she stayed.

Growing up in a household of pain, emotional and physical abuse has a trickle-down effect when you have kids.  Remember what our parents used to say?:  don’t do what I do, do what I say do.  Well that kind of lands on deaf ears when the only example that kids have is the one that is doing exactly what parents tell them not to do.

Divorcology is not only about the dissolution of a marriage.  It is about separating yourself from whatever or whoever is not a good fit in your life. Watch the broadcast and I promise it won’t disappoint.  It’s a great day when you can open up about such a hurtful past for the sake of saving others.

You can learn more about Precious on her website, The Power Coach.

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“Every day presents another opportunity to hit the reset button on your life.”  Charita H. Cadenhead