She Is the Earth by Michael Worthy

I Love You Black Women

She is the earth-Michael Worthy

Twin mountain peaks; Volcanic eruptions to nurse her young.
And even though his seed brings forth produce in her garden,
Her rich soil yields the fruits of the human family.
She is ruddy, comely and radiant.
Her hair in its natural state is more regal than a monstrance.
Her Eucharist is her kiss; unleavened bread he breaks with her.
She is Ḥawwāh to Miriam.
The Consummate Mother blessed with the womb that shows forth like a celestial sphere.

I Love You, Black Woman. © 2014 Michael Worthy

Michael WorthyMichael Worthy is an author, tv/radio personality, poet and graphic artist.

There really is no title to fully describe all that I do. Just know that I do all things in context to uplift and enlighten those around me. .

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