Sharing Your Gift – As Is

Share Your Gift – As Is

by Guest Writer Aimee Lanier

This morning my Pastor discussed the importance of using our gifts to reach people, to lead others to Christ, and to prosper the church. This led me to think about how often we keep a gift to ourselves out of fear that our gift is not good enough to share, waiting until our gift reaches an idealistic state of perfection, until we reach a state of perfection. We often say we will serve others, or share our gift with others, “after I get that degree,” “after I get that promotion,” “after I am published,” “after I take voice lessons,” “after I lose weight…”

The  truth is that God has given us all gifts, and the time to use them is now. There is no need to wait until you are perfect to share your gifts with others. Often, it is the very act of showing your imperfections that will reach someone. Nobody is perfect, and we all have different gifts. If your gift is baking, you don’t need a culinary degree to feed the hungry. You don’t need a psychology degree to put your arm around someone and listen or provide encouragement.

Take time to reflect on the beauty of the gifts God breathed into you and into others. I came upon a beautiful old tree, its resemblance to a human torso captured my imagination. It was gnarled, curvy, and scarred, yet seemed to stand proud by the water, proud of how it adapted to its environment and continued to grow, proud to be one of God’s creations. It was not trying to hide its curves or scars, it was sinking its roots deep into the earth, drinking in water, and sharing its beauty as it grew.

Stand proud in who God made you to be. Take the gift that God gave you – that thing that burns inside you, that thing you are most passionate about – develop it, but share it with others while you develop it. Your gift will continue to grow, will inspire others, will light a fire in others. It will draw out the gifts in those you reach.

As Glinda told Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, “You always had the power…” You just have to learn it for yourself, trust that your gift came from God, and share it – AS IS – with imperfections adding to its beauty.

Photo Credit – Aimee Lanier

Aimee Lanier

Aimee Lanier

Aimee Lanier

Aimee was raised in Fairfield, Alabama and currently resides in Fairfield. She is a copy editor for the Renew Refresh Reset blog and The Introvert Advocate blog.  Her background is in Natural Health, Herbology and the Mind, Body, Spirit Connection. She holds a Bachelor’s of Arts in American Studies from the University of Alabama. Her hobbies include photography and writing. She is a classic car enthusiast and uses the hobby as a method of community outreach for volunteering and fundraising for local charities. She is actively involved in serving through the Glen Oaks Neighborhood Association, Heartland Cruisers Car Club and Elevate Church.

Aimee has been published in the Holistic Times Newsletter, Comprehensive Iridology Newsletter and Biodiversity Magazine. She also has experience in copy writing, course writing and editing in the Natural Health field.

Like Aimee on FacebookShe currently works for the City Clerk in the City of Homewood, which is career that provides valuable insight in serving her neighborhood association and attending city council meetings.

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