Room for improvement

There’s Always Room for Improvement

photo credit: via photopin cc

photo credit: via photopin cc

This posted was originally posted on 12/23/2014.

I can still hear my mother saying ” There’s always room for improvement!”

As a child that was the last thing I wanted to hear especially when I thought I had done a good job at either my school work or household chores. As an adult, I now know that mom had a valid point.  Even our best efforts, that yield above-average results, can be upgraded if we do a little introspection.

It is easy to be average and even acceptable, at minimum in some cases.  But why settle for average when, with a little extra effort, average can become exceptional!

I am encouraged to look back over my accomplishments and compare them to my original goals and see where I fell short. I will not condemn nor will I beat myself up, but I will note my shortfalls and aim to make room for improvement this coming year!

Make Room for Improvement!

Photo Credit: Nspired BeautyDJ is a native of Washington, DC now living in Birmingham, AL.  She is a journalist, home color/design/organizational stylist, and inventor.  She enjoys giving back to the community through elementary/middle school scholarships, work with local Birmingham non-profits and churches.

She has written and published several articles for local Christian magazines, The Faith Connection and Pure Heart Magazine.  In her leisure  DJ enjoys Jazz music, hosting informal gathers, poetry readings and being of service where needed.

Currently, DJ is developing a business that will incorporate her various talents.