Release the Status Quo

Status QuoStatus Quo is defined by Webster’s as – The existing state of affairs. Example: He/she is content with the status quo and does not like change.  Think about that for a minute…”existing state of affairs and does not like change.” To be perfectly honest, most of us don’t like change, but change is inevitable and necessary along life’s journey. If we never experienced change, we would still be a mere thought or an infant or stuck in complacency.

Although change can be challenging and even a little scary at best, if helps us expand our thinking and experiences. We often think of change as a negative, but what about our dreams and aspirations those represent the good changes we desire. Sometimes change is thrust upon us and other times it is a conscious decision. The outcomes can vary and not always yield the results planned, but each conversion should grow us.

So, if you are existing in the “status quo”, I challenge you to step out, be unconventional and see where change leads you!
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