Reflecting On Your Own Reflection

Whom Do You See When You Look in the Mirror?

Let’s face it, change is inevitable as we grow older (in both good and bad ways).  But do you ever look into the mirror and see a reflection of someone that you barely recognize?  Do you wonder what happened to you?  Are you so different from the way that you used to be that you hardly recognize yourself?  Do you even know who you are anymore or what you represent?

These questions may appear to be a bit ludicrous right?   However, once you began to ponder on them, you may be faced with some harsh realities.  Among them, you realize that you have been so wrapped up in adapting to the lives of others, that you lack an identity of your own.  Individualism has long vanished from your total being.  But hold on.  Don’t freak out.  You can get it back.

Individualism Does Not Equate to Selfishness

In a hectic world such as ours, it is so easy to get lost in our work, our husbands, our children, our families, our church, etc.  In addition, through it all, we began to define ourselves through these very surroundings and activities.  In the process, it is possible to lose our “sense of self” to a point where we do not know who we are anymore as individuals.  While caring for others bring us great pleasure and satisfaction, we owe it to ourselves to take care of ourselves as well.  Does that make sense to you?

I am not suggesting that you neglect your family, church, work or anything else.  But while tending to others, it is equally important to tend to oneself.  Furthermore, we need to be able to do this without guilt (self-inflicted or via external sources).  We should raise our children the same way:  to care for others as well as self in order to maintain their own identities.  Marrying for example, requires two people to become one and act in unison. Yet each of them, the husband and the wife, should work to maintain their own identities as well. Not only will this aid in keeping our sanity, it is how we are able to bring our best selves to others, by appreciating who we are as individuals.

Love and Love Unconditionally

Look at your reflection in the mirror and answer the hard questions.  “But to thine own self be true” (from Shakespeare’s Hamlet).  Take time to Renew Refresh and Reset Your Individualism; so that others will get the very best you have to offer.

Every Moment of Every Day Gives Us the Opportunity to Hit the Reset Button



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