Reflecting On Words That Have the Power to Transform

The Power of Transformative Words

Reflecting on Transformative Words

16239930238_c43b789ffe_oWords have the tremendous power to influence how we communicate, how we view ourselves, how we view the world, and how we move forward in life. We may use the same words every day, but we often lose sight of their true meaning and value in our lives.

I’ve always been very interested in ways that people communicate, but it hasn’t been until very recently that I’ve begun to dissect words to examine the impact that they have on me and others.  Not just think about it, but actually spend quality time to reflect and connect with words that can impact and transform lives.

Often I have wondered if people really take the time to examine the affects and effects that positive and negative words have on their perceptions of the world, of themselves, their decisions, their drive or their decline.  On that note, I’ve become very aware of my own word choices and how I view them and choose to apply them to my life.  The goal for me is not use words in such a flippant or casual manner simply because I may be so used to doing so. For example, the other day I was thinking about the word confidence and how it’s used.  Common phrases are:  lack of confidence, build up confidence and, confidence levels.  My mind automatically sprang into action.

Right off the top was the thought that if one talks of lacking confidence, surely confidence is something that they want to gain but how do they gain it?  I was then reminded of something that I had said on a podcast which was “confidence comes by doing.”  If that’s true, which I know it is in my life (when I apply it properly), then in order to gain confidence one has to build upon what they know and progress from that point forward.  Think of “doing” as building blocks which can lead to higher confidence levels.  With every action that one takes towards a goal, they begin to reach new heights or levels as it were.  Sooner or later one of two things may happen.  First, either confidence (the word), will continue to be a driving force in propelling you to new heights. Secondly, becoming better at what you do will wash away or subdue the memory of a time when lacking confidence was a problem.

It’s not my intent to paint this rosy picture that the positive impacts of a word or words happen so easily.  I’m not naïve enough to believe that and I’m a living testimony that changing how we use, understand and apply words can be a genuine challenge.  But I do believe that if you can remain consistent long enough, then achieving a desired effect is much more likely to occur and I believe that it’s worth the effort.  Would you agree?  Think about it.

When I think about analyzing words, I think about the psychology of words or more accurately the psychological affect that words have on us that we don’t even realize.  I think about how we pass on, frame, limit or empower our children simply by the words that we choose to use.  I think about how I believe that more so than not, people are generally kind but even the kindest person may inflict harm by their word choices if pushed too far.  Then those same words will come along with not only analyzing those words in retrospect but also analyze the harm and regret caused by them.  The same holds true with a pleasant, polite and kind word to someone else or even yourself.  It can carry someone through their entire day and who knows, it may carry someone through their entire life.

Now, what is the one word you live by or strive to be?

I am so excited about the 1 Word Book Launch & Book Signing celebrating the hard work and dedication of my 13 co-authors.  Four of the book’s authors will be speaking about the power of the one word that is the driving force in their lives and I am over the moon excited about that and I want you to be excited too.

The 1 Word Book Launch is November 12, 2016.  You can find more information about the book and how you and attend by visiting
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