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Abandon the Era of 24/7

Please leave a messageI was having a conversation with someone on recently and he said that he felt guilty when he didn’t answer the phone when someone calls.  The solution to his problem, according to him, is to put the phone on silent so that he does not hear it ring.

That phone call made me wonder if we would ever return to a time when we did not feel the need to be on call 24/7.  It made me wonder why we ever allowed the hustle and bustle of technology and instantaneous availability to strip us of time for self?  Have we become so connected that we feel as if we don’t deserve to disconnect simply because we don’t feel like connecting at any given moment?

Please Leave a Message

Just know that it’s okay to let the phone ring and return the call at a later time if you don’t feel like talking at the moment.

It’s okay to let the phone ring if you are in the midst of watching a good movie, eating dinner, walking the dog, watching the stars of even if you’re just doing nothing.

It’s okay to not open your front for an unannounced visitor or to tell them that now is not a good time.

It’s okay to shut down and shut out the world for a time just so you can just so that you can enjoy the moment of “removing the corset” for a short time.

It’s okay to do so just because.  No other explanation is necessary.
photo credit: modern fears and frustrations at my window 5 via photopin (license)

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