When One Door Closes

When One Door Closes Another One Opens

When One Door ClosesYou’ve heard that expression right?  Do you believe it?  Sometimes it’s hard to swallow, but I believe it’s
true.  Closing or closed doors may seem like the end of the world.  But do you really believe that you’ll live to see the end of the world?  I hope to live a long full life, but as long as that life may be, I don’t believe I’ll even come close to seeing the end of the world.  So what happens between the time a door closes and another one opens?

You Wait In Quiet Stillness

When it seems that a door is closing on you, that pathway may just be an opening and not a closing door.  However, if you make a judgment too fast you won’t realize the difference. The door could be motioning you to be still.  My friend Donna T. Brown knows the value of being still.  She wrote a valuable chapter in the 1 Word Book titled, you guessed it, “Stillness.”  Based on the scripture, Psalms 46:10. “Be still and know that I am God” (Psalms 46:10).  If you’re a restless soul like me, being still can be quite the challenge.  However, if you can manage to swing it, the stillness that is, the very sense of calm that’s needed for assessment and reflection will become a commanding presence.  So you wait.  You wait for the stillness to come and then you listen.

Listen for the Sound of the Opening Door

While the stillness has you in captivity, you’ll be able to clearly hear the sound of the door that you perceived to be closed.  But rather than a closing door, whispers in your ear will be the sound of the door opening by God’s gentle yet commanding voice. The voice, though it may even sound like your own, will be instructions for you to follow that serve as the roadmap to your new assignment.  Though the picture may not be clear, do not question or second-guess the instructions, simply follow them.  Follow the instructions with complete faith that what’s on the other side of that door, is waiting for you and only you.

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