Make A Difference Today: Vote

Your Vote Always Matters

Your vote matters


Some people believe that their vote does not matter and they allow that reasoning to keep them from voting on election day.  I know this may seem elementary, but for every person that doesn’t cast a ballot, it’s like a vote for the politician that you don’t want to win.

I still believe that voting is a right and a privilege and I’m more than happy to use that privilege to pay homage to the people who fought for that privilege.

Sure there have been some election cycles where I felt like I didn’t want to take part in the process.  However,the thought of the polls closing at the end of the day without my vote being cast, cast a bigger shadow…… a shadow of guilt.  I know guilt is probably a strong word to use but it’s what I imagine that I’d feel if I didn’t vote on an election day.

If for some reason you’ve been confused about where to vote you can find your polling place here.

Guilt because as small of a gesture as it may seem, it’s a form of political activism that we can all take part in.  I have to give props to the activists that are ever-present.  It seems the least I could do is take an hour or less out of a day and go to the polls to vote. We have 12 hours to vote on election day (from 7 am til 7 pm) in most, if not all cases.  If you are not able to make it on election day or feel that you may not be able to make it to physically go and vote, there is absentee ballots and early voting so there is no reason not to vote.

Making excuses, however, is a different story.  No, of course your vote won’t matter IF YOU DON’T vote.  So make it count.  GO VOTE.

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