Lizzie Valasquez: A Bold Beautiful Woman

Defining a Bold Beautiful Woman

Beautiful refers to the person. Beautiful refers to the person inside and out.  A bold woman is a woman who thwarts convention and wrestles defeat to hold life together, protect her family, get around obstacles and/or affect change.  Bold women are elastic not plastic.  Their resiliency epitomizes the strength necessary to keep bouncing back time and again until they get it right or get as close to it as God will allow.

One would wonder why God would stop us from reaching our desired peak.  The answer is simple:  if you reach your peak, what will be left for you to do?

You too are a bold beautiful women even if you don’t know it.  There are so many role models for BOLD women that to believe you cannot be bold too is an untruth waiting for the truth to be told.  Just ask Lizzie Valasquez.

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